Our vision is to help with the transformation of the Maltese healthcare sector through digital health. We want to do this by informing the general public, helping with innovation and facilitating transition. We believe that focusing on these three things will not only help the Maltese economy and teach the general public but we believe that it will help the Maltese population to live healthier and happier lives.


Having been founded for just over a year we have placed ourselves at the forefront of the Digital Health Sector within the Maltese islands. We are uniquely placed both in terms of our ever growing knowledge but also in terms of our network and reach internationally.

We believe that the first step in achieving this transformation is to inform and educate the Maltese public. We regularly organise meet ups where apart from talks about different aspects of digital health we also introduce the public to both Maltese & European digital health start ups. We also regularly give space to the research being carried out at the University of Malta because we believe that some of the brightest minds are on our shores. We have participated in multiple internationally renowned events such as the Malta AI & Blockchain Summit, Malta Innovation Summit and Frontiers Health. We have also served as media partners in conferences such MedFIT with the main aim of informing the Maltese public on the latest innovations.

The second step is by having a hand in innovation. We support any innovators on the Maltese Islands and offer our digital health expertise where required. We have also started engaging in our own research and have a lot of plans for the future. Look out on our social media for more information about our publications.

Finally, we acknowledge that healthcare is an incredibly delicate sector and we do understand that any form of transition needs to be done with precision and sensitivity. We understand the country’s health and care challenges allowing us to better identify, design and evaluate planned projects. We plan to work with all the involved stakeholders, offering our expertise as well as years of experience to facilitate this transition. We believe that this is of great importance and will boost Malta to become a Digital Health Island & centre of excellence.

The NGO’s belief is that for such a massive undertaking we need the public sector, charities, industry and academia to collaborate together.

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