why Malta?

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why Malta?

Malta & Gozo has always had to put innovation at the forefront of our economic policy. We have learnt to harness the power of emerging technologies since the beginning of time, to create new dimensions and spur economic growth. We have been successful in the Maritime, iGaming and financial services, using our size to our advantage and moving quickly and focused.

Now, we at Digital Health Malta, believe that Malta can succeed in the Digital Health Industry too. Malta has all the potential ingredients to become the technology destination of choice for the future. We have the ideal environment and legislative frameworks in place to create an island that can house digital innovation as well as allow a safe haven for new companies to grow their business, aided and protected by all the tools necessary. Our geographical positioning and international networks, that is, the European Union & Commonwealth give us unique access to have an impact on a population of more than 2 billion people. Furthermore, we're an English-speaking country, with English being one of our official languages. Last but not least, we have a highly educated health workforce who are determined to deliver high-quality healthcare to all citizens of Malta

A living case study of Malta’s willingness to accommodate emerging technologies is the recent setting up of Tech.MT, a public-private partnership between the Malta Chamber and the Maltese Government, which aims to help all locally based tech companies to grow and attract more attractions.

Various task forces such as Malta.AI and Malta National Blockchain Taskforce were set up and have delivered different strategies to show in a practical manner how Malta can continue to grow economically in the digital innovation sector.

All this has to be matched with the right fanatic enthusiasm to tackle the health challenges of today and tomorrow, and that is what we’re aiming to do.